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RDRP0248 B5RM/MM Shock Mount Aluminium Set


Made for the Team Associated B5 series of buggies are the aluminium shock mounts from RDRP. Machined from aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminium and coming hard-anodised the bushings not only look cool but they also improve suspension efficiency as they do not bend under heavy loads as the kit's composite bushings do. Precision manufacturing ensures an optimised fit within in the upper shock cap while the specially treaded surface makes for hard-wearing characteristics. The parts fit both rear and mid motor converted cars.


Designed to replace the kit's plastic shock bushings with more rigid and more durable parts.


- Material: hard anodised high-quality aluminium

- Weight 0.67g each

- Fits: Team Associated B5,B5M and T5M

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