German engineering and functional design by REVOLUTION DESIGN RACING PRODUCTS

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Revolution Design Racing Products

Revolution Design Racing Products, or RDRP in short, is part of Ruddog Distribution’s proprietary line of brands such as Vampire Racing and Ruddog Products. RDRP is specialised in highest quality option parts for manufacturers such as Team Associated, Yokomo, Tekno RC and Xray and while offering a large portfolio of aftermarket parts, RDRP is also widely known for their innovative tools and accessories.

Revolution Design Racing Products are unlike other aftermarket companies and focus on self-designed accessories, components and tools never seen in this form or function before to make setting or maintaining RC-Cars not only easier but also a lot more fun.

German engineering and functional design

All products are designed in Germany and manufactured using global sources to ensure the highest possible quality standards at a reasonable price. All parts are made from high-tech materials like aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminium and high-quality spring steel, sport laser-etched scales and markings for the highest possible precision and easy-to-work-with attributes and are designed and tested to create the most durable and functional tools known to mankind.RDRP

Sven Rudig: “Revolution Design Racing Products optionals, tools and accessories are not just your average aftermarket parts. They are little gems that help you to become a faster driver, to build more reliable cars and to fully enjoy building, setting up and maintaining your ride!”

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