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RDRP2011 - Ultra Heat Shield Tape

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The Revolution Design Racing Products Ultra Heat Shield Tape is like no other. The special, woven structure makes for ultra-high rigidity that is further supported by the foam-padded support layer. Overall the tape is nearly 1mm thick, making for exceptional protection against both heat and mechanical impacts. The extra-flexible tape is ideal to keep nitro fuel tanks from expanding due to exhaust heat, it keeps bodyshells from melting due to engine or exhaust heat when applied from the inside and it also is usable to repair damaged bodyshells or to keep them from breaking. The Ultra Heat Shield Tape is available in convenient 100cm rolls.



The RDRP Ultra Heat Shield Tape is usable in a range of applications such as keeping fuel tanks from heating up or to prevent bodyshells from melting due to hot exhaust pipes. It also comes in handy to reinforce or repair bodyshells.



- High quality woven aluminium foil on a thick foam layer

- 1 meter length

Part-#: RDRP2011

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