German engineering and functional design by REVOLUTION DESIGN RACING PRODUCTS

RDRP2012 - Ultra Tire Glue Bands

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The Revolution Design Racing Products Ultra Tire Bands are nothing less that the evolution of a common design. Their simple construction offers maximum durability while the extended width of 25mm helps to apply maximum pressure to make sure the tire is forced onto the wheel with emphasis, doing away with any ungluing-issues later in the race. The black colour bands with white lettering come in sets of four and they also make up the RDRP2013 Ultra Tire Glueing Set including eight tire bands and two bottles of RDRP Ultra Tire Glue.



The RDRP Ultra Tire Bands make for a strong bond between the tire and the rim during wheel glueing and they are usable for a range of applications including 1/10th off-road buggy tyres.




- High quality rubber with white lettering

- Fits 1/10 and 1/8 offraod tires

- Includes 4pcs

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