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RDRP2014 - Ultra Tire Cleaner

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The RDRP Ultra Tire Cleaner is a special chemical to remove residue from tire moulding and production such as oils and greases. It can be used to clean both the tire bead and also the contact surfaces of the rim in order to remove oils, greases and dust all of which can prevent any tire glue from bonding properly. The Ultra Tire Cleaner can also be used as a tire cleaner before applying tire additive, removing dust, dirt and collected rubber. The product comes in a handy pump-style bottle for easy and secure application – simply grab a towel or rag, press down the upper part of the bottle and the cleaner is dispensed.



RDRP Ultra Tire Cleaner is best used to remove any residue form new tyres and rims prior to wheel glueing and it also cleans and conditions tires before applying tire additives or traction compound.



- High quality cleaner

- 200ml pump-style bottle

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