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RDRP0254 - B5RM/VTS Slipper Option Kit

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The RDRP VTS Slipper Option Kit makes the most of the original Team Associated clutch. The 4-piece kit replaces the standard outer and inner aluminium slipper plates with vented variants for improved heat dissipation and fading-free operation. Also the centre VTS plate is replaces with a vented and hard-coated aluminium plate while the VTS slipper housing, originally a moulded composite parts, is supplied in a lightweight, blue anodised and laser-etched aluminium variant. Like the slipper plate the housing is of a vented design to not only allow for better heat dissipation but also to lower its weight. All parts are precision machined from 7075-T6 aluminium and they are a direct fit on both the B5 and B5M.



Designed to replace the kit's standard parts with better performing and more durable parts.


- Material: hard anodised and blue high-quality aluminium

- Fits:

Team Associated B5,

Team Associated B5M

Team Associated T5M

Team Associated DR10

Team Associated ProSC10

Team Associated SR10

Team Associated Trophy Rat

and others

Spur Gear

The VTS Slipper Option Kit can be used with the original Team Associated spur gear included with your car. However, if you are looking for a more durable option, we recommend the use of our RDRP0256 Ultra Spur gear, which are machined from high-quality material and so offer a even better durability and a smoother running drivetrain.


The spur gear is not included in this set.

Slipper Pads

This set requires a total of three slipper pads.

1pc, so 1 bag of RDRP0426

2pcs, so 1 bag of RDRP0427

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