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RDRP0261-81 - Precision Spur Gear AE B44.3 48dpx81T

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The Revolution Design Racing Product's Precision Spur Gear AE44.3 is specially designed for the use with the Team Associated B44.3 buggy. Coming as wide Revolution2 version the gears are precision machined from our specially formulated composite material to ensure highest strength, lowest running noise and best reliability. The increased contact patch improves durability without sacrificing efficiency. The precision machining not only increases the durability of the gears but also helps when setting gear mesh. All gears also feature machined venting and weight reducing holes to minimise heat build-up when running a soft slipper setting and they come with engraved size markings for easy identification. RDRP's spur gear is available as Modified racing specific 81T variant.



Designed to replace the kit spur gears with a smoother, more durable and whisper silent solution.



- Material: Specially formulated composite material

- Available Sizes: 81T

- 48DP

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