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RDRP0272 - B6 Heavy-Duty Carbon Fiber Shock Tower Rear

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The RDRP Heavy Duty Carbon Fibre Rear Shock Tower was designed for B6 buggies running the standard B6 "low" shock tower. Made out of 4mm high quality carbon fiber it is slightly thicker then the standard 3.5mm thick shock tower. Also featuring a reinforced heavy duty design for improved durability and stability, greatly reducing breaking issues and increasing suspension efficiency. As it matches the stock dimensions it is a direct replacement with no setup changes needed when swapping parts over.



Heavy duty replacement for the standard kit B6 and B6D rear shock tower.



- Material: High-quality carbon fibre

- Fits Team Associated B6 and B6D

Part Number

RDRP0272 B6 Heavy-Duty Carbon Fiber Shock Tower Rear

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