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RDRP0370 - RC8B3 Titanium Shock Mounts

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The RDRP RC8B3 Titanium Shock Mounts are machined from high-quality titanium material for the lowest possible weight while keeping exceptional structural rigidity, allowing to push your vehicle to the limit. The parts were designed to do away with the original steel mount and screw in place for a 1-piece solution that scrubs about 1g of weight per piece. On top of this the design also allows for easier shock angle changes as you only need to undo the fastening nut and the mounts slide out of the shock tower. All needed mounting hardware is included and the titanium shock mounts are compatible to all 3rd generation RC8 kits including the RC8B, RC8B3e, RC8T3 and RC8T3e.



A direct fit on Team Associated's RC8B3 and RC8T3 kits.



- Material: High-quality titanium

- Fits. Team Associated RC8B3, RC8B3e, RC8T3, RC8T3e

Part Number

RDRP0370 RC8B3 Titanium Shock Mounts

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