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RDRP0372 - RC8B3 Titanium Pivot Balls

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The RDRP RC8B3 Titanium Pivot Balls are a direct replacement for the standard steel balls. Made from high-quality material the titanium pivot balls scrub a good amount of weight compared to the kit's steel pillow balls while also being much less prone to corrosion and wear, making them virtually a fit and forget. The titanium pivot balls are compatible to all 3rd generation RC8 kits including the RC8B, RC8B3e, RC8T3 and RC8T3e.



A direct fit on Team Associated's RC8B3 and RC8T3 kits.



- Material: High-quality titanium

- Fits: Team Associated RC8B3, RC8B3e, RC8T3, RC8T3e

Part Number

RDRP0372 RC8B3 Titanium Pivot Balls

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