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RDRP0376 - RC8B3 Aluminium Chassis Brace Rear Mount

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The RDRP RC8B3 Aluminium Chassis Brace Rear Mount is a direct replacement for the standard composite plastic part. The connector between the rear chassis brace and the rear gearbox is made from high-quality aluminium and it comes blue anodised and laser-etched for cool factory looks and improved durability. On top of this the brace will make for more equal flex characteristics, leading to an improved overall performance of your vehicle. The brace is compatible to all 3rd generation RC8 kits including the RC8B, RC8B3e, RC8T3 and RC8T3e.



A direct fit on Team Associated's RC8B3 and RC8T3 kits.



- Material: High-quality aluminium

- Fits: Team Associated RC8B3, RC8T3, RC8B3e and RC8T3e

Part Number

RDRP0376 RC8B3 Aluminium Chassis Brace Rear Mount

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