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RDRP0409B B64 Carbon Fibre Rear Shock Tower Type B

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The RDRP B64 Carbon Fibre Rear Shock Tower Type B is a direct fit on the Team Associated B64 kits. It features an updated geometry with the upper link mounting positions sitting in an in-between position between the standard inner and outer rows. This lets the camber link ball stud sit in a row with the lower hinge pin for a greatly improved suspension geometry. On top of this allows an additional lower camber link mounting hole for an optimised rear roll centre which can be beneficial in a variety of track conditions. The rear shock stay is cut from high-quality carbon fibre and it fits both the B64 and B64D buggies.



A direct fit on both the B64 and B64D



- Material: High-quality carbon fibre

 Fits: Team Associated B6 and B6D

part number

RDRP0409B B64 Carbon Fibre Rear Shock Tower Type B

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