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RDRP0417 - B64 Rear Chassis Weight

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The RDRP Front Chassis Weight for the Team Associated B64 series of buggies is the ideal tuning option for a range of track conditions. First and foremost it ensures a near perfect chassis balance when standard-size electronics and regular-weight batteries are used while also adding weight for improved rotation into corners and added traction in slippery track conditions. The weight comes machined from high-quality brass, it sports a nice black and golden finish for looks and it weighs in at 28g. Unlike our other option parts it isn't a direct fit as the left chassis side pod needs some DIY, although the work is carried out in under five minutes using a Dremel and our supplied images as a guide.



The weight fits both the B64 and B64D but some DIY is required to allow proper attachment to the rear part of the left hand chassis side pod.



- Material: High-quality brass

- Fits: Team Associated B64 and B64D

- Weight: 28g

Part Number

RDRP0417 B64 Rear Chassis Weight


Unlike our other option parts it isn't a direct fit as the left chassis sidepod needs some DIY. To do so, use a Dremel or a similiar rotary tool to cut out the area of your left sidepod as seen on the picture. The brass part will replace the standard M3 nut and so you need to cut out the side pod towards the front of the chassis.

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