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RDRP0488 - B74 Slipper Eliminator

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RDRP’s Slipper Eliminator for the Team Associated B74 4WD Buggy is the ultimate option part for all stock racers as it greatly lowers not only the drivetrain’s rotation masses but also the buggy’s overall weight, making for blistering fast acceleration, lower motor temperatures and thus more power towards the end of the run. The slipper eliminator weighs in at about 17.4g including the supplied ultra lightweight 72T main gear, scrubbing about 50 percent of weight compared to the original slipper assembly it is replacing. Due to its lightweight design the slipper eliminator is best used with motors of up to 10.5T as it will not withstand the power of modified motors.



Replacement for the standard kit B74 slipper assembly. Only use with motors of more than 10.5T, i.e. in 13.5T or 17.5T stock classes.



- Material: High-quality 7075-T6 aluminium, High-quality spring steel

- Includes 48dp 72T machined spur gear


Part Number

RDRP0488 B74 Slipper Eliminator

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