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RDRP0497 - B74 Aluminium Rear Shock Tower

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The RDRP Aluminium Rear Shock Tower was designed for the B74 4WD off-road buggy. It matches the standard kit geometry but it is of a heavy duty design for durability and stability, increasing suspension efficiency and precision also thanks to the high-quality aluminium material it is machined off. As it matches the stock dimensions it is a direct replacement with no setup changes needed when swapping parts over. In addition the high amount of machining, including silver chamfered edges, makes for a visually pleasing appearance while keeping the part’s weight low.



Replacement for the standard kit B74 carbon fibre rear shock tower.



- Material: High-quality, black anodised aluminium

Part Number

RDRP0497 B74 Aluminium Rear Shock Tower

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