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RDRP0543 - T6.2 | SC6.2 Titanium Front Axle with Clamping Hex 8.5mm

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Saving weight, adding durability, and increasing adjustment options is high on the list of every racer. The one-piece aluminium front axles of Team Associated's B6.2 are very light already, but can be bent by hard impacts and offer no track width adjustment options as seen on the buggies of the competition. Their truck counterparts are made of steel for added durability, but still have a fixed track width and off-set, and increase unsprung weight. RDRP's titanium wheel axles come with 5 mm aluminium clamping hexes for the B6 series and 8.5 mm versions for their stadium and short course truck brothers. Both axle types accept the readily available Associated 1/10th scale wheel hexes for even more variety.



– More track width and off-set options for the T6 and SC6 series

– More durable than aluminium axles, lighter than steel


Part Number

RDRP0543 Revolution Design T6.2 | SC6.2 Titanium Front Axle with Clamping Hex 8.5mm


– Light and durable titanium axles with 8.5 mm aluminium clamping hexes

– Direct fit for Team Associated T6.1/T6.2/SC6.1/SC6.2 respectively

– Black anodized and laser etched clamping wheel hexes for great looks and easy identification

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