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RDRP0544 - B6.2 -1° D Suspension Block

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RDRP proudly presents the new -1° D suspension block for Team Associated's B6.2 World Champion 2WD buggy. With this item, it is possible to either reduce rear toe-in for less rolling resistance and more corner speed on high-bite surfaces such as carpet and Astroturf, or to run your rear arms in a narrower position for more roll on slippery tracks. The -1° D is machined from durable aluminium, black anodized, has chamfered and polished edges for cool and up-to-date looks, and of course is compatible with the full range of Team Associated B6.2 pill inserts. Thanks to state-of-the-art design and manufacturing, mounting the -1° D suspension block to your B6.2, T6.2, SC6.2 or its 6.1 predecessor is a piece of cake!



- Option to run 0° of rear toe-in for more corner speed on high-bite tracks

- Option to run rear arms in a narrower position for more chassis roll



– High-grade black-anodised aluminium

– Machined silver edge details

– Laser-engraved for cool factory looks

– Compatible with the full range of B6.2 pill inserts

– Direct fit for all Team Associated 6.1 and 6.2 series cars and trucks


RDRP0544 Revolution Design B6.2 -1° D Suspension Block

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