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RDRP0545 - B6.3 -5mm LCG Wing Mount Set

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Racers have always looked to lower their cars' centre of gravity, adjust the aero package to each track and play safe when it comes to durability. Lowering the rear wing has been a popular option on many buggies, but in some cases required cutting down the kit parts and risking failure after inevitable crashes and tumbles in today's competitive environment. RDRP's LCG wing mount set enables racers to lower the rear wing of Team Associated's B6 series of buggies by 5 mm while ensuring their peace of mind. Machined from high quality polyoxymethylene (POM) plastic, the wing mounts offer better performance, durability and looks than grainy 3D printed parts. The set includes a lightweight carbon fibre brace that links the individual mounts to increase the lifetime of your exposed rear wing. Our tests have confirmed the huge potential of the LCG wing mount set. Give it a try!



- Lower centre of gravity, rear downforce and drag

- More durable than improvised cut-down or 3D-printed parts



- High-grade polyoxymethylene (POM) plastic

- Carbon-fibre wing mount brace

- Compatible with the Team Associated B6.x series

- Direct replacement for the plastic kit wing mounts


RDRP0545 Revolution Design B6.3 | B6.2 -5mm LCG Wing Mount Set

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