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RDRP0186 - DEX210 LRC Suspension Mount Set

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The RDRP 210 Series Low-Roll-Center Suspension Mount Set is specially designed for the Team Durango 210 series vehicles including the DEX210, DEST210 and DESC210. The LCR suspension mounts lower the vehicle's rear roll centre by 2mm in order to improve handling on medium to low-grip surfaces or when running spec tyres. Included in the set are the RF suspension mount as well as three RR mounts in the form of the 0/3, 1.5/3 and 3/3 variant. All parts are machined from aircraft-quality 7075-T6 aluminium, come black anodised and laser-etched for easy identification and a cool factory look. The blocks are a direct fit on the RDRP0184 Plus11 DEX210 Aluminium Chassis. Vehicles with standard or aftermarket chassis may require some do-it-yourself work in the wishbone/chassis area in order to give enough clearance for the arms.



The RDRP 210 Series Low-Roll-Center Suspension Mount Set is a direct fit on Plus11 converted buggies and usable on standard DEX210, DEST210 and DESC210 with some DIY.



- Material: Anodised 7075-T6 aluminium

- Suitable for: All Team Durango 210 series vehicles

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