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RDRP0114 Ultra Pinion Set 15-30Tx48dp Aluminium

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The RDRP Ultra Pinion Set 48dp Aluminium includes a total of 16 pinions in sizes of 15 to 30T to cover all of your gearing needs. The lightweight design and true cut makes them outperform any other pinion gear out there, reduce the running noise and let the drivetrain of your vehicle become even more efficient for improved performance. Each pinion is CNC-cut from high quality 7075-T6 aluminium, hard coated and laser-etched for a long lasting finish and easy recognition of the pinion size. Included in the set is the RDRP Ultra Pinion Holder, a CNC-machined 7075-T6 aluminium plate that helps you to securely store your precious RDRP pinions.



The RDRP Ultra Pinions Aluminium are designed for the use with most 1/10 scale vehicles that make use of electric motors with standard 3.17mm shaft.



- Material: Hard anodised high-quality steel

- Suitable for: 3.17mm motor shafts

- Includes all pinions from 15T to 30T aswell as the Ultra Pinion Holder

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