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RDRP0201 - RB6 Front Suspension Block Brass 32g

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The RDRP RB6 Front Suspension Block Brass is designed to replace the kit's plastic bulkhead with a more durable and more precise part that also adds 32g of weight to the front end of the RB6 and RT6. Machined from high quality brass and coming laser-etched for easy identification the part allows to choose between 25 degree and 30 degree A-arm kick-up in order to alter the car's front end grip. On top of that the alloy material greatly improve the robustness of the front end while the precise manufacturing adds to the overall appearance.



RDRP RB6 Front Suspension Block Brass is a direct replacement for the kit's plastic part, it allows to use 25 or 30 degree of kick-up by simply rotating the bulkhead 180 degree and it adds much needed rigidity and weight when running on high traction surfaces where wheeling can be an issue. The brass bulkhead also keeps the nose planted on very bumpy surfaces.



- Material: High-quality brass

- Suitable for: All RB6 and RT6 vehicles

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