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RDRP0207 - RB6 Shock Preload Nut Set

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The Revolution Design Racing Products Shock Preload Nut Set is designed to replace the standard aluminium preload nuts on Kyosho's 1/10th big bore shock absorbers such as found in the RB6, RT6 and ZX-5 kits with larger diameter and easier to use parts. And they look cool! Included in the set are four nuts CNC-machined from 7075-T6 aluminium that sport an updated design that allows for better and easier adjustment. The black design perfectly corresponds with the other RDRP parts for the RB6 while white logos and markings give your ride that cool factory look. Included with the nuts also come four suitable rubber O-rings to do away with unwanted ride height changes.



Designed to replace the stock aluminium nuts with cooler ones. Period.



- Material: Black anodised 7075-T6 aluminium

- Suitable for: All Kyosho RB6, RT6 and ZX-5 series vehicles with big bore shock absorbers

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