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RDRP0212 - RB6 Suspension Mount MM-RM2 Set

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The RDRP RB6 Suspension Mount MM-RM2 Set allows you to change the rear toe-in setting of your RB6 buggy and RT6 stadium truck within seconds. Included in the set are CNC-machined and black anodised aluminium suspension mounts, designed to replace the stock plastic mounts with more durable and highly adjustable parts. The front RF2 mount mimics the stock geometry while the rear RR2 mount (included for both mid and rear motor vehicles!) makes use of delrin inserts that, depending on the orientation, make for 2 degree, 3 degree or 4 degree toe-in settings. As the toe settings have a direct influence on the available traction and side bite you now have an additional tool to get the most our of your Kyosho buggy.



RDRP RB6 RB6 Suspension Mount MM-RM2 Set is a handy tool to alter the rear suspension geometry in seconds. The four included delrin inserts for the RR2 suspension mount let you build between 2 and 4 degree of toe-in in order to alter the forward traction and side bite of your mid and rear motor converted vehicles.



- Material: Anodised 7075-T6 aluminium

- Suitable for: All RB6 and RT6 vehicles in mid and rear motor configuration

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