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Ultra Flat Head Carburator Wrench - RDRP0106

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The Revolution Design Racing Products Ultra Flat Head Carburator Wrench is not just your ordinary flat head screwdriver but a precision tool to adjust and monitor your engine's carburettor settings in the best possible way. Offering a hardened spring steel 4x0.8mm tool tip the wrench is ideal to adjust all mixture needles found on today's engines such as the main and idle needle but also mid range needles on competition engines. And the cleverness does not end here! When holding the gauge incorporated into the blade in place and turning the wrench at the same time you can easily read and monitor the changes you do to the needle settings. How often have you heard you racing buddies to lean the "main needle by a quarter of a turn". You now can make it even more exact by using the Ultra Flat Head Carburator Wrench. And once you are done with your race you can easily stop the engine by pressing the upper rubber plug against the engine's flywheel. As usual the tool handle come made from black anodised aluminium with laser-etched logos for that signature Revolution Design look.



The RDRP Ultra Flat Head Carburator Wrench is ideal for all nitro and gasoline engines.



- Material: Hard anodised 7075-T6 aluminium and hardened spring steel

- Suitable for: All nitro and gas engines

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