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Ultra Motor Weight 30G - RDRP0011

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Function and design

The RDRP Ultra Motor Weight 30g is designed for hassle-free chassis weight distribution changes.

With the enormous power current brushless motors and LiPo batteries offer it is often recommended to add additional weight especially on bumpy or low traction tracks.

To do away with unsightly wheel balance weights that are often used and that can be thrown out of the car in the event of a crash and to add weight where your chassis needs it, the RDRP Ultra Motor Weight is inserted between the motor and the motor holder. Especially in 2WD buggies and 4WD touring cars the motor is often located near the roll centre and this is the perfect place for added weight.

Coming CNC-machined from high-quality steel and sporting a black anodising the 30g plate is 4mm thick.



The RDRP Ultra Motor Weight perfectly aligns with any 540 and 550-size electric motor.

Simply detach the motor from the car, insert the weight between the motor and the motor holder and off you go. Especially 2WD mid-motor buggies and trucks profit from added weight as it improves traction on low-grip surfaces such as loose dirt, clay and polished floor but the weights are also good to use with rear motor vehicles and of course on-road cars.



  • Material: Brass
  • Dimensions: 36x4mm
  • Weight: 30g
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