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RDRP0308-XB4 Titanium Lower Shock Screw Set

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The RDRP XB4 Titanium Lower Shock Screw Set includes four clever lower shock mount screws made from high-quality titanium. The fasteners do away with the standard steel screws and they are of a unique design that only has threaded sections where they are needed while areas to which the lower shock eyelet bushings attach are of a plain design for improved durability. The screw heads are also unique in the way that they feature dual 2mm and 5.5mm hex sections that allow to use 2mm hex or 5.5mm nut drivers to fasten or loosen the screws. Included in the set are two front and two rear shock mounting screws.



A direct fit on the Xray XB4 series of buggies.


- Material: High-quality titanium

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RDRP0308-XB4 Titanium Lower Shock Screw Set

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