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RDRP0314-BRS - XB2 Brass Front Bulkhead 26°

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Revolution Design Racing Products' Brass Front Bulkhead for the Xray XB2 series of vehicles adds durability, precision and often much needed weight to the front end of the buggy. The part is machined from high-quality brass material and it comes with a black surface treatment and sports golden edge details for that extraordinary look. The overall design and material greatly improve durability while also giving a more solid base for the inner hinge pins and additional weight, resulting in improved lower A-arm support on high-bite to very high-bite tracks. The bulkhead sports laser-etched markings for easy identification, it weighs in at 47g and it is also usable on the XT2 truck.



Designed to replace the kit's standard composite bulkhead



- Material: High-quality brass with a black surface treatment

- Weight: 47g

- Fits: Xray XB2 and XT2

Part Number

RDRP0314-BRS XB2 Brass Front Bulkhead 26°

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