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RDRP0316 - XB2 Brass Chassis Weight

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Revolution Design Racing Products' XB2 Brass Chassis Weight is purpose-designed for Xray's XB2 and XT2 series of off-road vehicles. It is made from high-quality brass material and is a direct fit in the vehicle's electronics compartment. The plate is held in place using the kit's standard battery mount posts and it slightly raises the electronics but at the benefit of additional 36g of weight that keep the buggy more planted in high bite or bumpy track conditions. Fixed by only two screws it also allows to easily remove the electronics, such as the receiver and speed controller, for cleaning and maintenance. The weight comes coated in black and with machined gold-colour edge details to match the remainder of our brass option parts.



Usable with all XB2 and XT2 kits.



- Material: Black-coated high-quality brass

- Weight: 36g

- Fits: Team Xray XB2 and XT2

part Number

RDRP0316 XB2 Brass Chassis Weight

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