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RDRP0341 - XB4 Brass Rear Motor Weight

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Revolution Design Racing Products' Brass Rear Motor Weight for the Xray XB4 buggy is an essential option part and should be on top of your agenda when it comes to buying new stuff for your buggy. Weighing in at 26g and being made of high-quality brass the weight sits just behind the motor and it acts as a counter weight for the heavy LiPo battery that is located on the right hand side of the buggy. With the lighter motor the additional weight is needed to achieve a proper weight balance and thanks to its clever design it directly attaches to the chassis side guards using a single screw, meaning the weight is both easy to remove when needed while also securely fastened so it will not get thrown out of the chassis. The weight comes with RDRP's signature black and gold finish and it is a direct fit.



Usable with all XB4 kits.



- Material: High-quality brass material

- Fits Xray XB4 2016 and 2017

- Weight: 26g

Part Number

RDRP0341 XB4 Brass Rear Motor Weight

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